Our Traineeship

We are performance marketing experts and are always happy to share our knowledge, gain new input and grow together. A trainee program with us can be a good way for both career starters and career changers to begin their journey in the online marketing world. 

During the 12 months as a trainee, you will be given all the tools you need for the respective area. 

Building on your initial experience, we will gradually provide you with expert knowledge. The goal for you is to become a specialist in the field after one year and to stay with 42DIGITAL after you finish your trainee program. To achieve this, it is crucial that you are assigned to one area for 12 months to become an expert and not shuffle around between teams. To guide you along the way, you will have a buddy at your side from day one, who will accompany you on your first steps and answer any questions you may have. 

Voices of Our Trainees

What did you particularly like about your trainee program?

“Thanks to the welcoming atmosphere, I was able to get involved from day 1 and learned a lot in the first few weeks. I was given more and more opportunities to apply what I had learned and expand my knowledge. A very enriching and fulfilling experience that has increased my enthusiasm for the world of digital marketing further.”

Moritz Traineeship Data Driven Advertising (2022)
What do you particularly like about the trainee program at 42?

“I chose a trainee program at 42, because 42 supports both: my professional and personal goals.”

Michelle Traineeship Creation (2023)
What do you particularly like about the trainee program at 42?

“As a trainee, I like the fact that I slowly start my career and learn a lot, before I get thrown into things. For example, you are involved in client calls quickly and work independently in the accounts – and then of course you will also get your own clients.“

Johanna Traineeship Data Driven Advertising (2023)
What made you take the trainee program at 42?

“The deciding factors for me were the relaxed and easy-going working atmosphere in the team and the agency as a whole as well as the professional expertise and the wide range of clients. At 42, I noticed that everyone is passionate about online marketing and eager to learn new things.”

Patrick Traineeship SEO (2022)

Procedure of the Traineeship

1. Month

The aim is a successful onboarding: getting settled in, feeling at home, getting to know the agency and colleagues as well as the various teams and working on initial tasks with the tools.

2.-5. Month

Your specialist knowledge is built up and expanded a deep dive into the world of online marketing. You get to know the clients and all the tools, the basics are consolidated and you can take responsibility for your first projects. You are aware of the connection between all teams and tasks. 

6.-12. Month

The aim is to consolidate expert knowledge, recognize developments in your field at an early stage and express opinions on industry topics. You will look after your own clients and be able to apply the knowledge you have acquired. You will become confident in dealing with all tasks and tools. The aim is a long-term collaboration.


You have already heard something about (online) marketing during your studies or training? You deal with online marketing topics in your free time? You would like to learn how online marketing works and aspire to a career in this field? You would like a smooth start and to be taken by the hand in the beginning? Then our trainee program makes sense!

Usually, we will contact you by phone or email and arrange an appointment for an initial interview, either online or at our agency. Then you can think about whether we are a good fit for you and whether the trainee program feels right for you. If we all have a good feeling after the first meeting, there is a second and final interview. This is followed by the decision. 

The goal of the traineeship is for us to continue to work together afterwards. This will be discussed at early enough stage before the end of the trainee program.

During the trainee program, you are entitled to vacation just like any other position at 42DIGITAL. 

Onboarding stands for the first weeks in your trainee program. We will familiarize you with the agency and the individual services and teams. You will gradually get to know all the tools we work with, and can settle in. Our goal is to welcome you with open arms and to integrate you into our company. 

Any questions?
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